In 1955 the company founded by Panagiotis Simeoforidis which was active in the field of plastics. Later, in 1971, the company headquarters moved from 52 Pavlou Mela Str. in Pericles Str. in Nice, Attica.
In 1975 the company takes the name SIM and now is fully engaged in the fishery products sector. The needs of our customers and the experience of all these years brought SIM in its current dominant position.

SIM with 41 years presence in the Greek market and the second generation already runs the company with great success, is placed at the top of fishing products wholesale in Greece.
The Headquarters, a part of warehouses and exhibition space are now in an area of 750 sq.m. at 183 Thivon Str. in Nice, Attica, from where all orders are served. Since 2010 the company owns a 2.500 sq.m warehouse serving the growing needs of the business.
The administrative and employee workforce of 20 people meets with the best way the increasing requirements of market.
The development of our company is based on reliability and devotion while the vast experience and expertise are also considered among the most valuable assets of the company and the reason for our success.
We import and distribute all over Greece fishing equipment from known and well established foreign companies, many of which are exclusively represented in Greece by SIM S.A.
The result of our long time presence in the field of fishing equipment, which is demonstrated through a network of more than 600 representatives in all prefectures of the country, is the proof of quality and reliability that characterizes us.